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About Me

Hey, there.  Dr. Kevin here.  I am a veterinarian who has been in clinical practice treating cats like yours for over 30 years.  I live on the Central Coast of California, and have a passion for helping pets live longer.  I am particularly interested in longevity drugs like rapamycin, dental care, and cancer therapy.

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“Rapamycin is the only drug consistently shown to increase mammalian longevity…”

Z.D. Sharp, ScienceDirect.com, 2023

How To Get Rapamycin for Your Cat


Rapamycin is a Prescription Drug

So your vet can write you a prescription.


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And it shows up in your mail 5-7 days later.  How easy is that?

About Rapamycin Bioavailability in Your Cat

Listen up, because this is important.

Do you know how much of your rapamycin dose is actually helping your cat?

Studies in dogs and humans have shown that rapamycin is degraded to a variable extent by the acid in our stomachs, and it stands to reason that our cats run into the same issue.

That’s why we ONLY use an OIL-based rapamycin suspension for cats, and we ONLY use acid-resistant capsules of rapamcin for dogs.  This gets you away from any concerns about your pet not getting all of their rapamycin dosage.

It’s the details that count. 

If You’re Into Longevity…

… Then you know that we don’t have all the answers yet on longevity in general, and drugs in particular.  Heck, we don’t have MOST of the answers yet, and probably won’t for the next decade or so.

Rapamycin certainly has questions without the final answer around it, as well.

Here are some of the unanswered questions around rapamycin for longevity, along with our current understanding of the science:

  • WHAT IS THE OPTIMAL AGE TO START RAPAMYCIN FOR LONGEVITY BENEFIT?  Studies in mice have shown that even just one dose of rapamycin in older individuals improves lifespan.  Logically, the earlier we start and the longer the duration of treatment, the larger that longevity benefit is likely to be.
  • WHAT IS THE BEST DOSING REGIMEN WITH RAPAMYCIN FOR CATS?  For rapamycin in cats, the one extended study that showed both benefit and safety was the Trivium study, in which they used a dose of 0.3 mg/kg body weight given once weekly. 

As the science changes, so will our recommendations.  That might take a while, though, and our cats don’t have that much time… so let’s get to work!!

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